“Really happy to see you visit my site, I hope it has provided you with the information you was after”


About Us

Why I created this website So several years back my partner and I were looking to book a holiday, we had decided to go to the Caribbean, but which island?

So we started looking and got more and more confused as to where to go, there is such diversity in the islands, although they are all incredibly beautiful, they do vary with regard to the food, the terrine, the animal life, the buildings, the people, things that you can do or expect to do.

So I have aimed to break it all down and give you all a brief description on what to expect.

What I hope you get out of visiting my website So I hope that I am able to provide you with all the information that will guide you to booking the best Caribbean holiday to suit you, your needs and meet your expectations.

Happy holidays. All the best, Amanda Hellyer