Anguilla is just paradise, what more can you say. With translucent warm waters, white soft sands, the freshest seafood. This place truly is amazing.

No wonder Anguilla attracts the elite, strolling along the beach you will wonder by many colourful beachfront shack bars, where you can stop off for a cold beer or cocktail and a bite to eat, whilst listening to a bit of reggae. The island itself is situated in the Caribbean Sea and is mainly flat and low-lying, filled with coral and limestone. It’s renowned for its spectacular and ecologically important coral reefs and 33 beaches. Anguilla is home to the Cuban frog and the red – footed tortoise.

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There is a small population on Anguilla of approximately 13,000, the capital is The Valley, which has maintained its charm and is situated in the centre of the island. The island is only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide allowing you to reach one end to the other in half an hour.


Getting to Anguilla

The airport is Clayton J. Lloyd international airport, which you can reach from San Juan, Puerto Rico. There are however no direct flights from America or Europe. Many people arrive on the island via boat. There is a direct ferry from St Martin (the doc is only 1minute drive from the airport) which only takes 20 minutes to get across to Anguilla.


Your First View

Once on the island you will be taken back by the beauty, the luxurious hotels and the authenticity of the island. Anguilla is perfect for a relaxing holiday with lots to do including snorkelling, open bottomed boat trips. Visiting the wonderful heritage sites and of course tasting their many dishes, having the reputation of being the culinary capital of the Caribbean you will not be disappointed.



The eastern Caribbean dollar is the currency of the island but the US Dollar is also widely accepted. You can expect average temperature of 27ºC / 80ºF. July – October is the hottest time to visit, December – February is the coolest. July – November is hurricane season and you can expect 35” of rainfall annually. There is nice gentle breeze that is around all year long.