Popular among the royals, Princess Margret who lived on nearby private island of Mustique was here so often that they named her favourite beach after her. The princess Margret beach is near to Port Elizabeth and situated inside Admiralty bay

Not too far from St Vincent, Bequia is the second biggest of the grenadine islands, only measuring 7 square miles and with a population of around 5000 you can tell that this is a very small island.

Don’t let its small size put you off, although small this fantastic island has more charm, vibe and authenticity than a lot of other Caribbean islands.

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This is not the sort of place to come if you always need to be busy, this is a very laid back island, where you can easily slip into the slow lane and let any of your stresses from home melt away with the gentle waves of the sea. On the island itself there is the old hegg turtle sanctuary which was set up by a retired fisherman, you can visit the sanctuary and get up close and even touch the turtles that are being reared until strong enough to go back into the sea.


Getting to Bequia

Getting to the island can be a little more tricky, there is a very small airport on the island but flights to and from and be pricy, you are better off traveling to ST Vincent and taking the ferry across, this takes less than an hour and you get to take in all that fresh sea air.

There are a few hotels on the island, they do not yet have any large all inclusive resorts though which personally I think helps with the charm and unspoilt nature of the island, you can also stay in guest houses or hire a villa for your stay.


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There are day trips you can take to other grenadine islands such as the Tobago cays, the deserted island of Isle de Quatre or even Mustique. Diving and snorkelling are also big activity’s on the island as well as fishing. There is also a fantastic little model boat shop that has some great craftsmanship.



Do not be worried about not having enough places to eat because there are plenty of restaurants, big and small all providing a great quality plate of fresh and flavoursome food. Of course all being washed down by a rum punch or water if you prefer, with the count less bars and rum shacks you will not be disappointed.