Also know as the island of spice, Grenada is a mountainous island with luscious rainforests and many waterfalls which make up the terrain of the 134.6 sq. mile land.

The population is approximately 107,317. Grenada is part of a tri island with Carriccou and Petite Martinique, which I will discuss later. The most famous beach on Grenada is the Grand Anse beach which is a staggering 1.9miles in length and just as beautiful as many of the smaller beaches. Grenada has less tourism than some of the other islands such as Jamaica or Dominican republic and has kept the essence of the island alive, you will defiantly not find any gigantic sky scrapper hotels here. Smaller well kept hotels in tradition style is what you will come across. For those of you that like diving the underwater sculpture park is a must see, there are also coral reef diving sites to visit.

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Staying in the water you will also find an array of water sports to keep you occupied whist on the beach, if you wanted to venture more inland though, you must take a trip to visit one of the glorious waterfalls. Now there are quite a few on the island (seven sisters, the Annadale, mt carmel, concord and tuffon hall to name a few). Some have more trekking involved in getting there than others so do speak to your tour operator about the journey to the falls, so you can choose what would be best for your capabilities and make sure you wear steady footwear. Nutmeg is what Grenada is most famous for and is the worlds second largest producer, they also produce and export cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, allspice, orange/citrus peels, wild coffee and cocoa. With all these amazing spices being produced here you can expect to be eating some well seasoned tasty foods.


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The culture here is heavily influenced by the African roots of the Grenadian people, but as seen by their food influences Indian and Carib Amerindian cultures also stand out. Dishes such as dhal puri, rotis, indian sweets, cassava and curries show this. The national dish is oil down and is a dish that has been cooked in coconut milk, which has been left to cook down and leave the coconut oil at the bottom, this normally consists of a variety of meats, dumplings and provision.



There are two main seasons here the dry season from January to may and the rainy season from June to December, there is an average temperature of 24-30ºC (75-85ºF), you can expect it to be hot and humid in the rainy season and slightly cooled by trade winds in the dry season. Make sure that you have Eastern Caribbean dollars with you as this is the local currency although you will find that US Dollars will be accepted. English is the national language. The south west coast is where the majority of the hotels are found and this is where the tourism is focused. The capital, St George and the international airport are also in this area. Keep an eye out for the Grenada dove, the national bird that is now unfortunately critically endangered.