Jamaica should defiantly be on everyone’s list of places to go, with the stunning beaches, delicious food and more activities on offer that you could ever get through, Jamaica has something to offer for everyone.

The majority of the hotels on offer in Jamaica are vast complex’s offering an all-inclusive meal and drink deal. The hotels range from the luxury 5* to much more affordable hotels to suit all budgets. As the third largest island in the Caribbean at 4240 sq miles there is a lot to offer, if your feeling adventurous taking a few days away from the hotel you can see a lot more of the island. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston, this is the largest city in Jamaica with a population of 2.9million people. Let’s hope you like a variety of wildlife, with around 50 species of reptiles on the island alone there is a lot to see, do not worry though as none of the snakes are venomous and most only stick to certain areas.

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There is also the Jamaican hutia (also known as a Coney), the Jamaican slider turtle (which are only found in Jamaica-cat island and parts of the Bahamas). There is a vast variety of birds here, is birdwatching is your thing then make sure you pack you binoculars and camera. Fishing is popular here with a wide variety of fish being caught such as kingfish, Jack fish, mackerel, whiting, bonito, tuna, snook, jewfish, mangrove, snapper and mullet. You can be sure that you will be eating some of the freshest fish around. Along with the seafood Jamaica is obviously well know for its jerk seasoning, you will find many places that you can pick up some spicy jerk chicken or jerk pork. You will also find that ackee and saltfish with roast breadfruit or calaloo is popular. Lets not forget about red stripe beer and Appleton’s rum which are home to the island along with Jamaican blue mountain coffee. There is a heavy influence of reggae music on the island the well known late Bob Marley has a museum you can visit and a Bob Marley week is also celebrated early February.



Ska, mento, rocksteady and dub are also popular on the island. There are many other musicians from the island such as The notorious B.I.G, Busta Rhymes and Heavy D. On average the temperature will be around 28ºC with an annual average rainfall of 50.7”. Rainy season is from around end of April to September and the dry season October to March. Hurricane season is from 1st June to 30th November. The islands main language is English and the currency is the Jamaican dollar, the US Dollar can also be used. Montego bay is the main tourist area, it boasts lively street markets, roadside food vendors, the majority of hotels and water sports and is also home to the annual reggae sumfest, this festival is in July and will start on the Friday night with a beach party and last a further 3 nights with live performances that you would not want to miss.


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Ocho Rios has the prettiest waterfalls to go and explore, it has a lot of lush tropical foliage, with a zip line for the more daring, it also hosts the annual Jazz festival in June. Negril is know for its beaches, in particular the seven mile beach. If your looking for a quieter spot you could always go to Runaway or Port Antonio which is relatively unspoilt. If your looking for what to don with your days you could visit Dunn’s river falls, which is in St Anns, The blue lagoon in Portland, YS falls at st Elizabeth or even visit the harbour, Kingston harbour is the 7th largest natural harbour in the world.