Saint Kitts & Nevis

This dual island piece of paradise includes everything you could ask for from a Caribbean holiday. You have warm crystal clear waters, beautiful sunshine with temperatures that hardy vary throughout the year, an exquisite amount of history and culture, the non spoilt natural beauty that is Nevis along side the slightly more developed St Kitts.


These islands are both volcanic formed which in turn gives the islands its rainforest covered peaks, with the highest point being 1.156 meters tall on mount liamuiga in St Kitts. Nevis is just 93.2 Sq Km and St Kitts 168.4 Sq Km which are home to around 45000 people of which a quarter live in the capital Basseterre, alongside 176 species of birds with the national bird being the brown pelican, you will also find the green vervet monkey resides here.


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Over in Nevis 2 miles southeast of St Kitts the main town is Charlestown a picturesque town with many 19th century churches and beautiful buildings, its fair to say that the atmosphere on Nevis is calm and inviting with the beautiful people that live here, the stunning beaches, quaint restaurants and laid back bars. One of the best beaches on this island is Pinneys beach. If you are lucky enough to be visiting from the last week in July though to early August then you will get chance to explore culturaman festival with lasts 3 weeks long. Nevis does have its own airport called Vance. W. Amory international airport.



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The temperature on St Kitts and Nevis are fairly consistent varying only slightly from 23.9ºC to 26.6ºC with an average rainfall of around 2400 millimetres. The language of the islands is English and the currency used is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. The airport on St Kitts is the Robert. L. Bradshaw international airport. Frigate Bay is a more lively area, known as the party strip, this is where many of the resorts, bars and restaurants are. Cockshell and Turtle beaches are popular beaches with the locals they boast the calm waters and have food stands along the beach where you can pick up some tasty Caribbean food. Reggae beach is also very nice, with much activity such as horse back riding available, zip lining and fly boarding. If sports are more your thing than you can always visit warner park cricket stadium in Basseterre, cricket is hugely popular here. If you are still feeling active there are many mountains you can go hiking up and take in those breath-taking views. Call yourself a good swimmer than why not take part in the swimming competition which takes place every spring and is a race across the narrows around 2 miles wide, bear in mind though that the time to beat is just 56 minutes and 9 second.



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Due to the volcanic origin of the islands there is a mix of sand colour that you will find with the powerful deep black sand to the north and the white sand in the south of St Kitts. The islands are broken up via the narrows which is just two miles wide in some points, you can take a short ferry ride from one island to the other which takes just 45 minutes.

For those of you that are interested in the fascinating history of the islands then you can visit the national museum, which is situated in a late 19th century old treasury building and has been open since 2002. There is also independence square, located in the city which was constructed in 1790 once used for council meetings and slave auctions, now however this square is a symbol of there independence from Britain. The Brimstone hill fortress a world National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage and a must see. You can also visit some of the old sugar cane plantations, the sugar cane industry only finished in 2005.




The people of St Kitts and Nevis are mostly west African which were brought to the islands during slavery, they have brought with them a wonderful vibe and fantastic culture including salsa, jazz, soca, calypso and steelpan music. Much of the cuisine you will find to be seafood, west Indian curry’s and goat water (stew). Carnival is between 18th December and the 3rd of January and St Kitts music festival is normally in the last week of June.

After the ending of the sugar can industry, St Kitts and Nevis economy is now mainly focused on tourism, agriculture and light manufacturing industries. There has been some redevelopment on the island especially around Port Zante, this is where the cruise ships come in, and is now very modern with a pier and marina. There are large stone arches and columns that provide a walkway through to beautifully landscaped gardens with fountains, shops, galleries, casinos and restaurants.